Day 69: a confession … I fell off the wagon #operation100

“Hi … My name is Stephen and I am a fast food addict … It has been 18 and a half hours since my last double cheeseburger.”

Yes that’s right people: I cracked yesterday and went through the McDonalds drive through. I can’t say I am very happy with myself … Indeed I am filthy on myself to be honest. The fact is though that it happened and now I have to work on ensuring it does not happen again.

I pause here to say that I am not being flippant about other addictions: I have other addictions and I know how hard they are to overcome. Equally, if anyone thinks that being addicted to fast food is not a “real” addiction then you are kidding yourself: it took me a long time to get off the burgers and to this day I still have cravings!

So that is my confession for today over: hand me another protein shake!

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